Need Sales Staff:

A Short Story of CN Work Safety Supplies:

In 1998 I was took a first step when I was entered in a big working gloves manufacturing company in Sialkot Pakistan for leaning about the cutting, sewing and material of leather gloves. I started my work as a sewer in that company and within 2 years I was able to sew all kinds of Working, Mechanics, Welding and Anti Impact gloves. In next 10 year I got capability to recognise traits and kinds of leather and tanning process, In 2007 I established my own manufacturing unit for making gloves for other suppliers and in 2013 we registered a company for exporting our products to other countries. Our sales team find customers in USA, Canada and Spain but tragically in 2019 I closed my company and left Pakistan. I came here in Canada and free from last six month, I try to do job but not success and then I decided that I have a great experience in leather gloves field so I should start my own business here.

We will import leather gloves from China and will sell here in retail and to wholesalers. We will provide good quality and will offer very competitive prices to our customers.



We are in search of an experienced salesperson or partner for our Commercial & Consumer leather safety gloves who can develop interests in CN Work Safety Supplies product range at the end user and distributor’s level.



  • Manage and motivate independent sales agent,
  • Create space in the racks of distributor for our products and find new markets,
  • Develop interest in CN Work Safety Supplies’s product range at the customer level through hot, warm and cold calling via the Safety, Aerospace, Fire, Utilities and Manufacturing markets.



Must have experience in Sales technique and talking grip.


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