best alternative for your hand protection, water resistant gloves


best alternative for your hand protection


You may be working in some water, oil, or even gas industry and the available hand protection doesn’t meet the threshold of your desired quality. This means you use gloves that are inappropriate for the given duties you are undertaking and therefore, your hands are vulnerable to site injuries, This blog will help you out to find best alternative for your hand protection.

In the water, oil, and gas industries, the various activities that dominate the operations are activities such as drilling, holding, gripping, transportation, construction, and refining processes. These activities involve the application of hard hand labor that often exposes the hand to various forms of injuries.

The need to sensitively design a duty-specific kind of gloves that enables you to protect your hand from all kinds of injuries that might arise in the process of your normal operations in the water, oil, and gas industry has been aroused. This is as a result of the various injuries associated with this line of duty such as the accidents of pinching, crushing, cut, and puncture.

Most of the workers have been using gloves specifically designed for other operations, which in turn, protect only a small part of the hand which from their basic principle of design, was sufficient for their intended purpose. Consequently, the workers tend to experience hand injuries that were not anticipated in the design of the given gloves.

CN Work Safety Supplies specializes in specific duty gloves. For the water, oil, and gas, we sell oil resistant gloves that exhaustively protect your hand from all the injuries that might arise. Our key focus is the texture, strength, resistance to chemical action, being waterproof, resistance to stains of oil, and sufficient fabric to reduce the impact in case of an accident that attempts to crush the hand. You may not like heavy fabric over your hands and therefore, we have specialized techniques that ensure that just the design fabric is used for their weight. The fabric that we majorly use is the water-resistant goat skin leather that is as well an oil repellent leather gloves.

Take a look at this situation. You want specific protection of the gloves you intend to buy and you have never found them in the available gloves in the market. We have seen such cases in our line of duty and we offered solutions to the given individuals. We customized the gloves as per their requirements. So, if you need given specifications in the gloves you want to purchase, the deal is simple. You just have to outline for us your specific needs in the gloves, we’ll then present them to our skilled personnel who will, in turn, choose the most appropriate fabric for your given extent of exposure and design it as per your requirements.

So far, the various hand vulnerabilities that we have in place and we’re ensuring that the given gloves satisfy are as follows; the impact that that may be experienced in the back of the hand, especially from heavy loads that attempt to crush the hand. The corrosion of the hand by oil and grease that apart from permanently sticking in the hands, may have corrosive effects on your hands. There are instances where holding oily surfaces may be characterized by a slip of the hand. You can resist this by using slip-resistant gloves that we manufacture and stock, we make them waterproof such that it doesn’t soak up. They are easy to clean since they are oilproof and the oil that sticks on their surfaces easily slide off.

Some of the cases handled in the field are highly soluble in water and maybe corrosive. Since these gloves are highly resistant to corrosion for they are made of inert fabric as well as resistant to the soaking of water and any other chemical, they are most appropriate for hand protection when handling such chemicals.

You can contact us through  for more information concerning our services. Feel free as well to check our product on the same website. With us you can get oil resistant gloves especially the oil repellent leather gloves. You may as well specify the water-resistant goatskin leather to be used for the gloves, which in essence, is our core fabric that we use in the manufacture.

Contact us, ask us any question on gloves. Remember it is safety first!!!!!!

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