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Arc Welding: Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

Arc welding is one of several fusion processes for joining metals by using electricity. By applying intense heat, the metal melts and is then fused together during cooling, usually with the help of an intermediate molten filler metal. It is of the best techniques, since it works on dirty metal, it is very cost-efficient and the materials are very easy to transport. However, it is also one of the most dangerous working processes, therefore it is essential to choose...

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How To Choose The Best Work Safety Products: Expect A Lot From Your Work Safety Products Supplier

How To Choose The Best Work Safety Products: Expect A Lot From Your Work Safety Products Supplier How To Choose The Best Work Safety Products: Expect A Lot From Your Work Safety Products Supplier All Safety Workwear Equipment Is Not Created Equal An on-the-job injury happens every 7 seconds [1]. Following overexertion and back strain, hand/wrist injuries, sprains, cuts/lacerations, and punctures (and harmful-contact trauma, like crushing) are the next-most-common injuries forcing workers to take time off [1, 2]. This is because more...

CN Work Safety

Choosing the Right Type Of Leather Hide

Choosing the Right Type Of Leather Hide Choosing the Right Type Of Leather Hide As most hard working men and woman across the globe have come to know, leather is the best material used for heavy-duty manual work for many reasons. In this article, we are going to explain the basics of the different kinds of leathers. Without further ado, let’s start by diving deep into the different kinds of leather that exist for various uses and their different properties. It’s incredibly...

Driver Gloves

Easily improve the work safety conditions for freight drivers and equipment operators with drivers gloves. Driving gloves, often featuring weather resistant and high visibility materials, keep equipment operators comfortable while reducing hand strain. Additionally, operator gloves are available to suit a broad range of uses, from long-haul trucking to day-to-day heavy equipment operation. The best driving gloves combine durability with flexibility, enabling workers to stay safe and comfortable while also performing technically precise driving maneuvers and using delicate controls. What’s more, advanced features of leather driving gloves now can include touchscreen functionality, so they still work for drivers of high-tech equipment.

Driver Gloves

The driving gloves is a best way to cover you hands in operating machines, grass cutting, field work and other outdoor jobs. Driving gloves typically constructed of very thin, soft leather, used to give a driver increased control of the vehicle through enhanced grip of the steering wheel, gear stick, machine handling. The grain present on the leather and the pores present in the leather give the gloves the unique ability to assist the wearer and grain provide a level of friction when "gripped" against an item or surface. Popular driving gloves or gauntlet gloves were usually lined, meaning they had an inner layer of wool, fur or fleece for using in winter season. It was not that important in the early days to have great sensitivity and contact with the hold able things, rather a firm grip and some muscles to go in a straight line. Another very important reason for wearing driving gloves was to protect the driver's hands from splinters from wooden work applications.

CN Stands for CN Tower, At CNWorkSafetySupplies, we believe in being a better safety gloves manufacturer. That is, there’s a more valuable, more customizable, less demanding way, where we earn and keep our customers because we keep you and your workers safe. We’re obsessively passionate about making high quality safety gloves, and our mission is to make them easily available and customizable to each client’s needs through instant online ordering. To that end, we focus on streamlined, custom safety gloves manufacturing. It’s one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of outfitting your workforce safely, and we see that as an opportunity: we’re excited to make custom safety gloves available to every business and laborer that needs them.

We all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in safety glove manufacturing. That is, when a client works with a safety glove manufacturer, the process is rarely easy, straightforward, or affordable. Instead, the average safety glove manufacturer upsells, cross-sells, and ultimately sells customers safety gloves that are never quite what they asked for at the price they thought they were getting. There are always hidden catches, misleading product descriptions, and unexplained order fees. Customers can never be sure that they’re getting what they asked for, and that they’ll get what they pay for. That’s why we focus on safety glove manufacturing and online ordering that are customizable but always consistently high quality, accessible, and easy-to-use.

Throughout the history of manufacturing, customers have had to trust manufacturers to do the right thing implicitly. Our mission at CNWorkSafetySupplies is to make the safety glove manufacturing industry more transparent. Today, we provide the most customizable and easy-to-order safety glove manufacturing in the industry. We want to make our products, our processes, and our priorities available to as many people as possible (not just the few who can afford the standard industry prices for high quality service and design).

CNWorkSafetySupplies has a rich history of creating high quality safety gloves and providing high quality customer service. We’re on a roll with our recent string of product launches for high quality, anti impact, hi visibility safety gloves. Our product lines include general work gloves as well as specialty safety glove designs for motorbike racing, welding, weight-lifting, and more. The only missing piece in our safety gloves manufacturing process is you.

Explore the links below to find out more about working with us. Then get started with your online order for high quality, low price customized safety gloves!

Customized Design with CNWorkSafetySupplies
Whether you’re outfitting the hands of day laborers or overnight crews, or professional or recreational hard-workers, CNWorkSafetySupplies aims to serve the custom safety gloves branding and design needs of every customer.

Our straightforward safety gloves manufacturing ranges are purpose-built for hard-working men and women and specially designed to provide maximum protection and durability while preserving workers’ dexterity.


The Easiest Online Ordering Around
We’re proud of the products we make via our streamlined, customizable safety gloves manufacturing processes. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy them.

All of our safety gloves — even custom safety gloves — are available for purchase through our easy online ordering page. We maintain a comprehensive digital catalog of all our products, so anything and everything our customers want is easy to get to, all in one place.


Our Promise: Always High Quality, Always Low Prices
From our very first day, we’ve always tried to become the kind of safety gloves manufacturer our customers deserve.

We never cut corners in designing or manufacturing our custom safety gloves, and we never ask our customers to pay hidden fees or excessive customization costs. We believe that what you see should be what you get, which is why our high quality design elements are visible in every pair of safety gloves we make, and every cost is explained upfront through our easy online ordering system.

The CNWorkSafetySupplies is going to launch a partnership program with your company and ours. We will make right gloves from the right material for protecting your own hands once you provide us information about your job. Our expertise shall work on your input to meet your requirements. We will must design a new pattern style according to your specific needs, if your required gloves is not present in our stock or continuous products.

To insure best Fit; find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure across your palm. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed,

Note: some manufacturers indicate glove sizes by inches and others by Small, Medium, Large, etc. We always indicate the size of a pair of gloves the same way the manufacturer does. Use the tables below to find your size.

The following size chart is an approximate measurement. Use this chart as a guide only and if you are not absolutely sure about your size, please contact us by email or telephone and we will be happy to assist you because a good fit ensures good wear and comfort.

Various fabrics that combine strength and softness are used in the manufacture of work gloves. The most popular of these is Canton flannel; another is knit jersey; a third is terry cloth.

These have been the basic materials for work gloves for the last fifty years. Cuffs for work gloves are made either of knit jersey or various drill materials, laminated with rubber to give them substance and strength.

Canton flannel, the most widely used material, is made of thin strong thread, laid out in warps ten thousand yards in length. The filling used to weave the material is a thick soft yarn. A nipper catches the fibers on the filling and pulls them out, giving the cloth a nap, which is soft to the hand. Basically, its purpose is to keep abrasion from the hand. The drill side is usually presented to the work. This material is typically made in widths of 35 inches.

As an industry standard, the most popular is the material weighing 8-ounces for one square yard. Heavier material is available in graduations of two ounces, i.e., 10 ounces, 12 ounces, etc. When material is over 12ounces per yard, it is usually combined with another woven flannel to make double thickness, double palm gloves.

Jersey is much the same, being knit with a combination of thin strong yarn and thick soft yarn. It is knit in a tubular form and it too is run through the nappers to give the soft, fleecy feel which is generally used as the inside of the glove.

Terry cloth, on the other hand, is all the same type of yarn and is made in loops to give a cushioning effect to the hand. The loops and twirls tend to prevent edges of steel, burrs, etc. from cutting through as they would a smooth surface, giving added safety.

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